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Info:These pogs appear to have been produced for Edelweiss, a bakery in the town of Gistel, Belgium. The pogs feature classic cars and supercars, seemingly completely unrelated to the bakery's business.

This set came as 12 cut but unpunched on a single sheet of card, but I am unsure if this is how they were distributed or whether there are any more in the set. On the back they all have the same design with the Edelweiss logo and their telephone number.
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Country:BelgiumYear of release:Produced by:
Edelweiss 01. Edelweiss 02. Edelweiss 03. Edelweiss 04. Edelweiss 05. Edelweiss 06. Edelweiss 07. Edelweiss 08-Mercedes. Edelweiss 09-Mercedes. Edelweiss 10-Mercedes. Edelweiss 11-Porsche. Edelweiss 12-Martini-Porsche. Edelweiss Back.