Number in series: 10 Tags: Bubble gum, Bulle, Bullie's, Malabar
Info:This is the complete set of 10 Malabar pogs from France. Malabar is a brand of bubble gum, presumably these pogs were given away with packs of the gum.

The front of each pog shows a different character blowing a bubble with bubble gum. On the back it has the number of the pog and a pun on the character's name to do with bubbles (bulle).
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Country:FranceYear of release:Produced by:Kraft
Malabar 01-Fée-Carabulle. Malabar 02-Pépé-Bulle. Malabar 03-Sitting-Bulle. Malabar 04-Bulle-Kong. Malabar 05-Maca-Bulle. Malabar 06-Frank'n-Bulle. Malabar 07-Bulleur-Invisible. Malabar 08-Préhisto-Bulle. Malabar 09-Bulle-Garou. Malabar 10-Barbe-Bulle. Malabar Back.