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Info:This set of Christmas Flippos were produced specially for employees of Smiths Food Group bv in the Netherlands. The set was given to employees as a thank-you gift for their work in 1995, see the letter below, which includes an English translation.

The Flippos feature various Looney Tunes characters in different Christmas related activities / dress. On the back of each Flippo it gives the name of the character depicted on the front and a point score, which is 100 points for all of the caps.

Thanks to Vincent for these scans.
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Country:NetherlandsYear of release:1995Produced by:Smiths
Flippos > Christmas 01-Bugs-Bunny-wearing-Santa-costume. Flippos > Christmas 02-Tweety-Pie-wearing-Christmas-hat. Flippos > Christmas 03-Road-Runner-with-Reindeer-antlers-and-Christmas-hat. Flippos > Christmas 04-Taz-with-reindeer-antlers-and-Christmas-hat. Flippos > Christmas 05-Bugs-Bunny-as-Nutcracker-soldier-with-Christmas-tree. Flippos > Christmas 06-Bugs-Bunny-as-Santa-riding-on-a-sleigh. Flippos > Christmas 07-Tweety-Pie,-Taz,-Daffy-Duck,-and-Bugs-Bunny-putting-the-star-on-top-of-a-Christmas-tree. Flippos > Christmas 08-Bugs-Bunny-Santa-relaxing-on-green-chair. Flippos > Christmas 09-Foghorn-Leghorn-as-Santa-filling-stockings. Flippos > Christmas 10-Taz,-Bugs-Bunny,-Daffy-Duck,-and-Tweety-Pie-carol-singing. Flippos > Christmas Back. Flippos > Christmas christmas-flippos-letter.