Number in series: 8 Tags: Zambie's
Info:These Zambie's pogs feature people of various professions and animals. In the background it has images to do with the person depicted. The exception is the first two caps, which feature a boy and girl on a plain background, holding a small white object, possibly meant to be a tooth or sugar cube.

Thanks to Vincent for the scans of the full set of 8 Zambie's caps.
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Zambie's 01-Girl. Zambie's 02-Boy. Zambie's 03-Nurse. Zambie's 04-Butcher. Zambie's 05-Greengrocer. Zambie's 06-Fisherman. Zambie's 07-Dog. Zambie's 08-Rabbit. Zambie's 09-Cat. Zambie's 10-Monkey. Zambie's Back.