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Number in series: 12 Tags: Hawaiian Punch, Slammer Whammers
Info:This set of Slammer Whammers is unusual, in that it only contains 12 caps - most Slammer Whammer sets are comprised of 24 caps. I do not have any images of the set, but according to the Slammer Whammers Series 5 checklist, the caps in the set are:

1. Dune Buggy
2. Punchy
3. Cycling
4. Suntan
5. Jungle
6. Soccer
7. Hangin' 10
8. Canoeing
9. Wind Surfing
10. Sunning
11. Surfing
12. Speed Boating

The checklist also states HAWAIIAN PUNCH and the PUNCHY character are registered trademarks of The Procter & Gamble Company. Manufactured under license from Sundor Brands, Inc., a Procter & Gamble company, Cincinnati, Ohio. So it seems likely that this was a promotional set, possibly given away in exchange for collecting tokens from Hawaiian Punch drinks.
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Sorry, we don't currently have any data on which countries this set was available to.