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Info:These Olympos caps were probably given away with jars of Jacqmotte, Douwe Egberts, and Chat Noir coffee in Belgium.

There are two Jacqmotte caps, two Douwe Egberts caps, and two Chat Noir caps. On the backs of the caps it has the name and logo for the coffee. On the front of each cap it has a cartoon of someone performing a sport. The fronts are printed on holographic foil.

There was also a slammer included in the pack.
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Olympos Chat-Noir-(back). Olympos Chat-Noir-Hurdles. Olympos Chat-Noir-Tennis. Olympos Douwe-Egberts-(back). Olympos Douwe-Egberts-Pole-Vault. Olympos Douwe-Egberts-Weight-Lifting. Olympos Jacqmotte-(back). Olympos Jacqmotte-Swimming. Olympos Jacqmotte-Torch-bearer. Olympos Slammer.