Number in series: 12 Tags: Boy Toy Inc., Komaro Inc., Madonna, Rock Express, Winterland Productions
Info:These pogs all feature the singer Madonna. They have blank backs but are numbered on the front. There are also a number of company logos / copyright notices on the front of each pog: Winterland Productions; Rock Express; Komaro Inc.; and Boy Toy Inc.

It appears that Komaro Inc applied for a trademark for the term 'Muzic Pogz', however that branding is not used on these caps.

The copyright date on the caps is 1993.

Thanks to Vincent for the scans.
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Madonna 01-Madonna. Madonna 02-Madonna. Madonna 03-Madonna. Madonna 04-Madonna. Madonna 05-Madonna. Madonna 06-Madonna. Madonna 07-Madonna. Madonna 08-Madonna. Madonna 09-Madonna. Madonna 10-Madonna. Madonna 11-Madonna. Madonna 12-Madonna.