The Tick

Number in series: 4 Tags: American Maid, Arthur, Cartoon, The Tick, TV Series
Info:These pogs were given away with packs of Quaker Oat Life Cereal in 1995. They feature characters from the cartoon TV Series 'The Tick'. There are four caps (shown below) and a slammer in the full set.

The pogs are not numbered. On the back they have the Quaker Oat Life Cereal logo repeated in alternating blue and white.

For more Tick pogs, see the World POG Federation The Tick milkcaps.
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Country:United StatesYear of release:1995Produced by:Quaker Oats
The Tick Arthur-&-The-Tick. The Tick Back. The Tick I-Smell-Danger. The Tick The-Tick-&-American-Maid. The Tick The-Tick-Evil-Beware.