The Swan Princess

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Info:These pogs feature images from the 1994 animated film 'The Swan Princess'. On the back of each cap it gives the number and a description of the scene depicted on the front.
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The Swan Princess 19-As-the-moonlight-leaves-the-lake-Odette-will-turn-into-a-swan...-no-matter-where-she-is.. The Swan Princess 19-back. The Swan Princess 25-Derek-turns-and-catches-the-arrow-Bromley-shot-at-him. The Swan Princess 25-back. The Swan Princess 28-Jean-Bob-risks-his-life-for-Odett-in-hopes-of-getting-a-kiss-which-he-believes-will-turn-him-into-a-handsome-prince.. The Swan Princess 28-back. The Swan Princess C-Prince-Derek-asks-Princess-Odette-to-marry-him.-Before-she-agrees-to-the-marriage,-Odette-wants-to-be-sure-that-he-loves-her-for-more-than-just-her-beauty.. The Swan Princess C-back.