Number in series: 20 Tags: Matt Groening, Simpsons
Info:These Simpsons milkcaps come cut but unpunched in a single sheet of card. The caps are unnumbered, and the back of each cap just has copyright information.

Most of these Simpsons pogs feature Bart Simpson, with the text 'Bart Simpson World's Best Kid'.
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Country:United StatesYear of release:1993Produced by:
Simpsons 01-Bart-Simpson. Simpsons 02-Homer-Simpson. Simpsons 03-Bart-Simpson. Simpsons 04-Bart-Simpson. Simpsons 05-Bart-Simpson. Simpsons 06-The-Homer-Simpson-Cooking-Academy. Simpsons 07-Bart-Simpson. Simpsons 08-Lisa-Simpson. Simpsons 09-Bart-Simpson. Simpsons 10-Bart-Simpson. Simpsons 11-Cookin'-With-Marge. Simpsons 12-Bart-Simpson. Simpsons 13-Barzonga-Jungle-Boy. Simpsons 14-Krusty-Rules. Simpsons 15-Krusty-the-Clown. Simpsons 16-Bart-Simpson. Simpsons 17-Bart-Simpson. Simpsons 18-Maggie-Simpson. Simpsons 19-Bart-Simpson. Simpsons 20-Maggie-Simpson. Simpsons Back.