Number in series: 30 Tags: Dod's, Droopy, Tex Avery
Info:These Dod's milkcaps were given away by Père dodu, who sell poultry products in France.

The pogs feature various Tex Avery characters, such as Screwy Squirrel, Droopy, and The Wolf. All the pogs are printed on holographic foil.
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Country:FranceYear of release:1995Produced by:
Dod's 01-The-Girl. Dod's 02-Screwy-Squirrel. Dod's 03-Droopy. Dod's 04-The-Girl. Dod's 05-The-Wolf. Dod's 06-Droopy. Dod's 07-The-Wolf. Dod's 08-Screwy-Squirrel. Dod's 09-Droopy. Dod's 10-The-Girl. Dod's 11-Droopy-with-umbrella. Dod's 12-Screwy-Squirrel. Dod's 13-Droopy-golfer. Dod's 14-Droopy-Chef. Dod's 15-Droopy-with-stack-of-Dods. Dod's 16-Droopy-Wolf. Dod's 17-Dog. Dod's 18-The-Wolf. Dod's 19-Droopy-wolf. Dod's 20-Cat. Dod's 21-Screwy-Squirrel. Dod's 22-The-Wolf. Dod's 23-The-Wolf-and-The-Girl. Dod's 24-The-Wolf. Dod's 25-The-Wolf. Dod's 26-Screwy-Squirrel,-Dog,-The-Girl,-Droopy,-Octopus. Dod's 27-Octopus. Dod's 28-Droopy. Dod's 29-The-Wolf. Dod's 30-The-Wolf. Dod's Back.