Number in series: 25 Tags: Phone, Telecoms
Info:These caps were produced by Dutch Telecoms company named PTT (Post Telegraaf en Telefoon), now named KPN. The caps are smaller than the majority of most pogs, being only 35 mm in diameter. They feature various telecoms related images - a fax, wireless handset, page, phone, and plug.

The 5 different designs were produced with 5 different colour / stripe variations - green with 1 stripe, pink with 2 stripes, red with 3 stripes, blue with 4 stripes, and yellow with 5 stripes. This makes for a total of 25 caps in the full set.

Thanks to Klaas for the information and scans of most of the set (a few are missing) below.
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Country:NetherlandsYear of release:Produced by:
Primafoon Back. Primafoon Blue-Fax. Primafoon Blue-Handset. Primafoon Blue-Pager. Primafoon Blue-Phone. Primafoon Blue-plug. Primafoon Green-Handset. Primafoon Green-Pager. Primafoon Purple-Handset. Primafoon Purple-Pager. Primafoon Purple-Phone. Primafoon Purple-Plug. Primafoon Red-Fax. Primafoon Red-Handset. Primafoon Red-Pager. Primafoon Red-Phone. Primafoon Yellow-Fax. Primafoon Yellow-Handset. Primafoon Yellow-Pager. Primafoon Yellow-Phone. Primafoon Yellow-Plug.