Number in series: 10 Tags: Cousteau Junior, Fish, Les plus etranges creatures de la mere, Saupiquet, Sea creatures
Info:These Splatch pogs are titled 'Les plus etranges creatures de la mere' and feature 'Very strange creatures of the sea'. Each cap features an image of a creature on the front, and a description on the back.

The backs also feature the logos of Cousteau Junior - a children's magazine, and Saupiquet - a manufacturer of fish based food products. There are ten caps in the full set, which you can see below.
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Splatch 01-Le-poisson-trépied-(back). Splatch 01-Le-poisson-trépied. Splatch 02-Le-poisson-mandarin-(back). Splatch 02-Le-poisson-mandarin. Splatch 03-Le-dragon-de-mer-(back). Splatch 03-Le-dragon-de-mer. Splatch 04-Le-poisson-éléphant-(back). Splatch 04-Le-poisson-éléphant. Splatch 05-Les-limaces-marines-(back). Splatch 05-Les-limaces-marines. Splatch 06-Le-nautile-(back). Splatch 06-Le-nautile. Splatch 07-Kelp-(back). Splatch 07-Kelp. Splatch 08-Les-coraux-(back). Splatch 08-Les-coraux. Splatch 09-Le-lamantin-(back). Splatch 09-Le-lamantin. Splatch 10-Le-diodon-(back). Splatch 10-Le-diodon.