Team NFL (Laserform 1994)

Number in series: Tags: Football, Laserform, NFL, Sports
Info:These pogs feature the badges and names of various NFL football teams. On the bottom half of each cap it has a list of the Superbowl competitions the team has won.

On the back of each cap it has the text "Team NFL Laserform ®1994" repeated.
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Country:United StatesYear of release:1994Produced by:Laserform
Team NFL (Laserform 1994) Back. Team NFL (Laserform 1994) Green-Bay-Packers. Team NFL (Laserform 1994) Kansas-City-Chiefs. Team NFL (Laserform 1994) Los-Angeles-Raiders. Team NFL (Laserform 1994) Washington-Redskins.