Tombola Caps

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Info:Tombola Caps were sold inside Kinder Surprise style small chocolate eggs. The egg would have a small plastic capsule in it, and inside the capsule would be the cardboard halves of the caps, which slot together like a jigsaw, and stickers for the front and backs of the caps.

All the Tombola Caps I have feature caricatures of various celebrities. The Tombola Caps logo on the back looks very similar to the Chupa Caps logo and it is quite possible that the eggs were produced by the same company as Chupa Chups.

I am not sure how many there are in the full set, but the highest number I have is 165. Considering that you only got 2-3 caps per egg, you would have to spend a lot of money and eat a lot of chocolate to get the full set.
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Tombola Caps 113. Tombola Caps 117. Tombola Caps 150-Will-Smith. Tombola Caps 165. Tombola Caps Back-(pink). Tombola Caps Back-(red). Tombola Caps Back-with-no-sticker. Tombola Caps Unknown.