Ancel Crac'x

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Info:These caps would have been given away with Ancel branded products (possibly cake mixes?) sold in France. Ancel was the French brand of Dr. Oetker. The caps come cut but unpunched in a set of 4 in a single card. There were 12 Crac'x in the set to collect.

Thanks to Klaas for the scans.
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Ancel Crac'x 01-Masked-boy-cutting-cake. Ancel Crac'x 02-Girl-with-pigtails-eating-strawberry-charlotte. Ancel Crac'x 03-Angry-fang-woman-about-to-eat-trifle. Ancel Crac'x 03-Boy-eating-Tortillas-and-peas. Ancel Crac'x Back.