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Info:The Joker Flippos could be exchanged for other Flippos that you were missing from your set. There were three different Joker Flippos produced:
Twee Joker Flippo - this allowed you to swap for 2 Flippos of your choice, from those numbered between 1 and 290.
Vijf Joker Flippo - could be swapped for 5 Flippos of your choice from those numbered between 1 and 220.
Super Joker Flippo - could be swapped for 10 of any Flippos numbered between 1 and 315.

You had to post the Joker Flippo along with your name and address, the numbers of the Flippos you wanted, and a 1 Guilder stamp to cover the postage and admin costs. Within 5 weeks you would then receive back the Flippos you asked for.

It's possible that the Joker Flippos with notches in were from the Belgian Flippo collection. But the address given on their backs is the same as the un-notched (Dutch) ones and the text is only in Dutch rather than Dutch and French.
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Sorry, we don't currently have any data on which countries this set was available to.

Flippos > Cheetos Joker Super-Joker-Flippo-(back). Flippos > Cheetos Joker Super-Joker-Flippo. Flippos > Cheetos Joker Twee-Joker-(back). Flippos > Cheetos Joker Twee-Joker-(notches). Flippos > Cheetos Joker Twee-Joker-(notches-back). Flippos > Cheetos Joker Twee-Joker. Flippos > Cheetos Joker Vijf-Joker-(back). Flippos > Cheetos Joker Vijf-Joker-(notches). Flippos > Cheetos Joker Vijf-Joker-(notches-back). Flippos > Cheetos Joker Vijf-Joker.