Spies Milkcaps

Number in series: 65 Tags: Comic, Peanuts, Snoopy
Info:These caps feature characters from the 'Peanuts' comics. They were presumably distributed in the Netherlands, though they say 'Made in USA' on the back. There are 65 caps in the set, with a number of variations of coloured foil stamped caps.
For images of the full set and many variations, see Spies Milkcaps on Catawiki.

Thabks to Silke for most of the scans below.
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Country:NetherlandsYear of release:Produced by:
Spies Milkcaps 23-Lucy-Basball-fielder. Spies Milkcaps 24-Snoopy-Baseball-catcher. Spies Milkcaps 59. Spies Milkcaps Back. Spies Milkcaps Spies-USA-Snoopy-Peanuts_03.