Number in series: 20 Tags: Fantasy, Rondo's, Ter Beke
Info:Rondo's caps were produced by Ter Beke, a Belgian company that sells processed meats and ready meals. Probably the caps were given away with products sold by Ter Beke.

There are 20 pogs in the Rondo's series, and you can see the full set below. On the front of each cap it has a drawing of a fantasy character. On the back it gives the name of the character, the number of the cap, and a point score.

The first 15 caps are all worth 1 point. The last 5 caps are worth 3 points and feature a close-up image of one of the characters from the previous caps, with the name of the character on the back prefixed by 'SUPER'.
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Country:NetherlandsYear of release:Produced by:Ter Beke
Rondo's 01-Skully. Rondo's 01-_Back. Rondo's 02-Unicorn. Rondo's 03-Capeman. Rondo's 04-Arduwan. Rondo's 05-Wings. Rondo's 06-Dragon. Rondo's 07-Damoclia. Rondo's 08-Spiderwoman. Rondo's 09-Lion. Rondo's 10-Angel. Rondo's 11-Beastman. Rondo's 12-Centaurus. Rondo's 13-Vixana. Rondo's 14-Bladowoman. Rondo's 15-King-Remo. Rondo's 16-SUPER-Centaurus. Rondo's 16-_Back. Rondo's 17-SUPER-Damoclia. Rondo's 18-SUPER-Unicorn. Rondo's 19-SUPER-King-Remo. Rondo's 20-SUPER-Skully.