Number in series: 15 Tags: Elephant
Info:These pogs would have been given away to promote Famliy Shop B.V, a toy shop based in Gouda, Netherlands. The designs feature an elephant playing with various toys, printed on a holographic foil background.

Thanks to Vincent for the images.
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Country:NetherlandsYear of release:Produced by:
Gooitoy 01-Surprised-Elephant. Gooitoy 02-Elephant-carrying-toys. Gooitoy 03-Elephant-on-Monopoly-board. Gooitoy 04-Pac-man-chasing-elephant. Gooitoy 05-Pirate-Elephant. Gooitoy 06-Super-Elephant. Gooitoy 07-Elephant-in-happy-car. Gooitoy 08-Pop-star-Elephant. Gooitoy 09-Elephant-in-love-with-Barbie. Gooitoy 10-Elephant-flying-plane. Gooitoy 11-Elephant-ripping-through-pog. Gooitoy 12-Incontinent-Elephant. Gooitoy 13-Skipping-Elephant. Gooitoy 14-Flying-carpet-Elephant. Gooitoy 15-Soccer-playing-Elephant. Gooitoy Back.