Number in series: 15 Tags: Cheese, Food, Gerber
Info:These pogs all feature images of various cheeses produced by Gerber. They were probably given away with Gerber cheeses in Switzerland.

Thanks to Vincent for the scans of the full set of 15 Gerber pogs below.
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Sorry, we don't currently have any data on which countries this set was available to.

Gerber 01-Cheasy. Gerber 02-Gerber. Gerber 03-Anemone. Gerber 04-Gerber-fondue. Gerber 05-Gerber-fondue-Vacherin-Fribourgeois. Gerber 06-Gala-mit-grünem-Pfeffer---au-poivre-vert. Gerber 07-Gala-mit-Meerrettich---au-raifort. Gerber 08-Gala-mit-Schnittlauch---à-la-ciboulette. Gerber 09-Gala. Gerber 10-Emmentaler-Emmental. Gerber 11-Rahm-À-La-crème. Gerber 12-Mit-Schinken-Au-Jambon. Gerber 13-¼-Fett-Gras-Anemone. Gerber 14-Extra. Gerber 15-Mit-Kräutern-Aux-Herbes. Gerber Back.