Zig + Zag Zooms

Number in series: 24 Tags: Paynes, Poppets, Sweets, Toffets, Zig & Zag
Info:Zig + Zag Zooms were given away with packs of Toffets and Poppets produced by Paynes in the UK.

Large packs included a card with 6 cut but unpunched caps, and there were 4 of these cards (making 24 caps) to collect. One Zapper (slammer) was also included in each pack.

The pogs feature Zig and Zag, a pair of puppets who featured on 'The Big Breakfast' television program on Channel 4.

Thanks to Vincent for the images of the full set of Zig + Zag Zooms below.
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Country:United KingdomYear of release:1996Produced by:
Zig + Zag Zooms Poppet-In-Yer-Face!-Back. Zig + Zag Zooms Poppet-In-Yer-Face!. Zig + Zag Zooms Slammer-Zapper. Zig + Zag Zooms Slammer. Zig + Zag Zooms The-Z-Files-Back. Zig + Zag Zooms The-Z-Files. Zig + Zag Zooms The-Zogtastic-Games-Back. Zig + Zag Zooms The-Zogtastic-Games. Zig + Zag Zooms ZTV-Music-Poppetvision-Back. Zig + Zag Zooms ZTV-Music-Poppetvision.