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Number in series: 60 Tags: Belgium, Chips, Flippos, Looney Tunes, Smiths
Info:These World Flippos feature Looney Tunes characters as famous people or at landmarks from around the World.

The designs are a subset of the designs used for the World Flippos previously distributed in the Netherlands. There are a few differences in the Belgian series, the most obvious being the notches cut into the side of each Flippo. On the back of each Flippo it gives the name of the Looney Tunes character in Dutch and French where they differ. (Typically the Dutch name used is the same as the English).

Thanks to Silke for the photo.
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Country:BelgiumYear of release:1996Produced by:Smiths
Flippos (Belgium) > 176-235 World Flippo World-Flippos.