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Number in series: 90 Tags: Lenticular, Slug
Info:These Slug caps are all lenticular, with designs that change as you change the angle you view the cap from.

Warren Sumner, Pinnacle manager of new products development said about the designs:
We took the design from the Garbage Pail Kids phenomenon of the 1980s. It just proves over and over again that the rebellious nature of kids makes them gravitate toward things that are off the beaten path and forbidden.

(Source: AP News archive: AFTER POG CAME THE SLUG)

At the end of the set is a You're a Winner Redemption Slug. This pog could be posted off and exchanged for a special Sargeant Slug T-Shirt featuring Magic Motion® "Lenticular" technology.

Thanks to Ashley for most of the scans, and to Leif Arne Hervik for the images of the Winning slug.
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Country:United StatesYear of release:1995Produced by:Pinnacle
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