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Info:These are the instructions for Slamopolis! The Game, which came with its own set of Kaps.

Thanks to Joe Kenyon for the scans and also the effort of typing up the rules, which you can read below:

Slamopolis!...The Game. How to play

Mark Your Kaps: Be sure to color code or initial all your Official Kaps in the circles provided on the back of your Kaps.

To Start: The Slamopolis game can be played with as many as four players. Start with one stack of ten Kaps (call a Basestack) from your pre-mixed Kaps in your Game Tube. Flip a Slammer to see who goes first.

Game Tube: The Game Tube is a stack of pre-mixed Kaps made by each player. The number of Kaps must be agreed to in advance of play by players and all players must have equal numbers of Kaps with a maximum of 500 Kaps each.

Your Turn: Since you have no Kaps in play, you need to slam your basestack to flip over Kaps to put them into play. You get one slam per turn, unless you "Chill the Stack" flipping all ten Kaps in your Basestack at once. If this happens, you get a second slam at a new Basestack (i.e. 10 Kaps from your Game Tube). As you start flipping over Kaps with each slam, you will start filling your Enforcement Line and systematically start building Armorystacks with offensive and defensing Kaps. These Kaps will be used to attack and defend against your opponent.

Attacking: You may only attack at the beginning of your turn. You must have at least one Armorystack filled in order to declare an attack and your opponent must have at least one Armorystack filled for defending purposes. You may continue to attack with as many armorystacks as you have filled but, when you attack, the defender automatically receives on defensive point per Battlestack defending. This defensive point can be used in only one confrontation per Battlestack. The attacker's Basestack is now moved to the side of the Base Battleboard and is replaced by the mixed Battlestack. Attacker slams first. One Bonus point (B1) is given to the player who's turn it is to slam (See Battlestacks). If none are flipped, the turn goes to the opponent and so on. As the Kaps are flipped, confrontations are made and winner/losers are determined until all the Kaps are played or the ability to confront stops. Conquered Kaps remain in play for the entire Battlestack in order to add up who won the most Kaps. If the defender wins more Kaps during this series of confrontations, the Bonus Battleboard is thrown into the trash pile, not to be used again.

Finishing A Turn: If the last Kaps are flipped, and they cannot be used in a confrontation, they will go to the bottom of the next Battlestack. If there are 2 or less Kaps left to flip, players continue slammin' for two turns each. If they are not flipped, they will go on the bottom of the next Battlestack. If there are no other declared attacks by either party and there are still Kaps in play, but they cannot be used in a confrontation, they automatically go to the player who last declared an attack. Also, if there are Kaps unflipped, they automatically go to the player who last declared the attack. The original attacker now takes his one slam on his Basestack and the game continues.

Basestacks: Basestacks start with ten Kaps face up from your pre-mixed Game Tube. After your Slam, if Kaps are flipped they are put into play and the Basestack is replenished from the Game Tube to remain always at ten Kaps.

Armorystacks: Each player builds their own Armorystacks, a maximum of six Kaps per Armorystack. You may insert character and Action Kaps into your Armorystack. You may have as many different Armorystacks as you with but you can only start with 4 and then you may add 1 more for each filled Armorystack (i.e. 4 stacks, 2 are filled, you may add 2 more stacks to make a total of 6). Once a kap is placed into an armorystack, it can not be removed or shuffled, except in the case of the Mercenary Rule.

Mercenary Rule: A player with 8 or more filled Armorystacks can force an opponent to combine their Armorystacks, filling them for attack. Unfilled Armorystacks and up to 5 Enforcement Kaps must be stacked together to fill as many Armorystacks as possible, to use in defense. Once the defender has battled with all filled Armorystacks, the attack is completed. Begin rebuilding again from your Basestacks.

Battlestacks: When a player declares an attack, the two Armorystacks are mixed together (i.e. one stack each from the offensive & defensive players). Mix one kap from each stack, in order, from bottom to top. The Battlestack should number a total of twelve Kaps. Both the attacker and defender choose which of their Armorystacks they want to put into play. If your defending, you would use your defensive "D" points and if your attacking you would use your attack "A" points. Once the Battlestack is slammed, re-stack the kaps randomly.

Battleboards & Bonus Battleboards: You cannot lose your base Battleboard. Attacking normally occurs on Base Battleboards. If you have Bonus Battleboards, you can begin battling on them with added Attack points. You can have a maximum of two Bonus Battleboards in play at one time. Bonus Battleboards can only be put into play with ten Attack points taken from your Enforcement Line Kaps. (Attack points go into the trash pile) You may apply Attack points designated on your Bonus Battleboard to one confrontation per Battlestack. You can lose your Bonus Battleboard if you go on the attack and lose more Kaps than the defender from that Battlestack. (Throw in the trash.)

Grand Slammers with Bonus points: If you have Grand Slammers (i.e. G.S.) with Bonus point values (B1, B2 etc.), you may activate the Bonus points only once per confrontation, per Battlestack. The cost for activating is two Attack points for every Bonus point on the G.S. (i.e. a B2 on a G.s. pays 4 Attack points). Attack points come from your Enforcement Line and go into the trash pile.

Confrontations: Confrontations can take on many forms and this is where major strategies come into play. The more you play, the more you will become familiar with the different ways you can attack or defend. You may have many Kaps flipped at once, in which you would need to decide what points to attack or defend with in each confrontation.

Scoring Possibilities:


  • "A" Attack Pts.

  • Bonus Battleboard Pts.

  • Slamming Player - 1 Pt.

  • Action Kap Pts. or Statement

  • Grand Slammer Pt


  • "D" Defensive Pts.

  • Defender - 1 Pt.

  • Slamming Player - 1 Pt.

  • Action Kap Pts. or Statement

  • Grand Slammer Pt

Add up the total number of your points vs. your opponents points to find out who wins the confrontation.

Action-Kaps: Action-Kaps are used for both offensive & defensive confrontations. Action-Kaps can be placed into your Armorystacks for Battlestacks or be used during confrontations from your Enforcement Line. Action-Kaps used from your Enforcement Line can only be played once per confrontation.

Enforcement Line: The Enforcement Line is located behind your Armorystack's Line and is made up of a Max of ten (10) Kaps. The Enforcement Line is used to fill Armorystacks and for playing strong Action-Kaps during confrontations.

Winning the game: If there are still Kaps in play from a Battlestack at the end without the possibility to either attack or defend with filled Armorystacks, the player with any filled stacks left, places the extra Kaps in play into their Winner's Circle. The rest of the Kaps left in both players Armorystacks and Enforcement Line are tossed into the trash pile and each players Winners Circle Kaps are counted. The Player with the most Kaps in their Winner's Circle win the war of Kaps and is declared Slamopolis' "King of Kaps"!

© 1995 IMT All Rights Reserved. Created and Developed by Heads & Tails Inc.
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