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Number in series: 20 Tags: Cartoon, Looney Tunes, TV, Warner Bros
Info:This set of tazos is quite unusual. Each cap features a close-up of a Looney Tunes character's face on one side, and a full-length image of the character on the other side. This contrasts with the normal practice of having the same (or very similar) back design for all tazos in a set.

Furthermore, these tazos are branded as 'Master Tazo', but are the same size as normal tazos. Usually just the slammers are referred to as Master Tazos.

And finally, the next series of tazos (Animaniacs) starts its numbering from 81 rather than 101, effectively ignoring this set as part of the full range of tazos.

I don't currently have any images of this set, to view the full set please see Coleções Elma Chips: Looney Tunes - Tazo Mania.
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Country:BrazilYear of release:1997Produced by:Elma Chips