Lucky Bags

Number in series: Tags: Blank Back, Fighters, Unknown
Info:These caps were given away as part of 'Lucky bags', bags that were sold containing a variety of small sweets and toys.

The fronts of the pogs feature pictures of various monsters, people with swords and guns, etc. There is a purple border around the edge of the pog.

The caps are quite thin compared to most pogs. They are also made of grey (likely recycled) card, rather than bleached white card that most pogs are made of. They all have blank backs with no identifying marks.
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Sorry, we don't currently have any data on which countries this set was available to.

Lucky Bags 01-Zombie-cop. Lucky Bags 02-Zombie-mage. Lucky Bags 03-Knight. Lucky Bags 04-Water-zombie. Lucky Bags 05-Purple-prisoner. Lucky Bags 06-Eyepatch-bloke. Lucky Bags 07-Horned-demon. Lucky Bags 08-Gladiator. Lucky Bags 09-Bazooka-man. Lucky Bags 10-Space-woman. Lucky Bags 11-Ginger-maniac. Lucky Bags 12-Frankenstein. Lucky Bags Back.