Tom & Jerry

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Info:These caps were probably produced to promote Tom & Jerry The Movie, which was released in cinemas in 1992. Possibly the caps were produced at a later date to mark the release of the film on video.

The first 3 caps are labelled 'The Classics' and feature scenes from old Tom & Jerry cartoons. The other 6 caps feature scenes from the film 'Tom & Jerry The Movie'.

The pogs have a blank back and are unnumbered. Three of the designs in this set are the same as those used in the Roda Tommy's WPF Tom & Jerry Pogs.
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Tom & Jerry 01-The-Classics. Tom & Jerry 02-The-Classics. Tom & Jerry 03-The-Classics. Tom & Jerry 04-Tom-and-Jerry-The-Movie. Tom & Jerry 05-Tom-and-Jerry-The-Movie. Tom & Jerry 06-Tom-and-Jerry-The-Movie. Tom & Jerry 07-Tom-and-Jerry-The-Movie. Tom & Jerry 08-Tom-and-Jerry-The-Movie. Tom & Jerry 09-Tom-and-Jerry-The-Movie. Tom & Jerry Back.