C&A Kid's World

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Info:C&A Kid's World pogs were probably given away at C&A stores in the United Kingdom. Possibly they were produced to promote the Cartoon Network TV channel, which launched in the UK in Sept. 1993.

They came cut but unpunched in a single card of 6 caps. Thanks to Vincent for these images.
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Sorry, we don't currently have any data on which countries this set was available to.

C&A Kid's World 01-Barney-Rubble. C&A Kid's World 02-Betty-Rubble. C&A Kid's World 03-Dino. C&A Kid's World 04-The-Flintstones. C&A Kid's World 05-Fred-Flintstone. C&A Kid's World 06-Wilma-Flintstone. C&A Kid's World Back.