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Info:These milkcaps are from set 4 of the Krome Kap Collection, and feature designs with various Birds on.

Krome Kaps were produced using a special technique, covered under U.S. patent 4933218. This gives them a different look to standard foil milkcaps.

Krome Kaps came in packs of 4 milkcaps, which would be randomly selected from the 18 different series that made up the Krome Kap Collection.

They were also available in the UK, imported by Toy Wizards Ltd.
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Country:United StatesYear of release:1993Produced by:Krome Productions
Krome Kaps > 4 Birds 4C. Krome Kaps > 4 Birds 4D. Krome Kaps > 4 Birds 4E. Krome Kaps > 4 Birds 4F. Krome Kaps > 4 Birds 4G. Krome Kaps > 4 Birds Back.