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Info:These Casper pogs / milkcaps were released in 1995 to tie in with the release of the film 'Casper'. The pogs feature scenes and characters from the film.

These Casper pogs are numbered on the front, and have the same image of multiple Casper ghosts on the back. I also have some Casper milkcaps with blank backs and some Canada Games Casper WPF milkcaps.
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Sorry, we don't currently have any data on which countries this set was available to.

Casper 003-Haunted-Mansion. Casper 005-Floating-toys. Casper 012-Casper-and-Kat-Harvey. Casper 022-Halloween-Party. Casper 023-Casper-and-Kat-Harvey. Casper 025-Casper-and-Kat-Harvey. Casper 031-Kat-Harvey. Casper 040-Kat-Harvey. Casper 042-Kat-Harvey. Casper 043-Kat-Harvey. Casper 047-Dr.-James-Harvey. Casper 054. Casper 055-James-and-Kat-Harvey. Casper 067-James-and-Kat-Harvey. Casper 068. Casper 069-Casper. Casper 071-Halloween-party. Casper 072. Casper 078-Halloween-party. Casper 079-James-and-Kat-Harvey. Casper 081-Casper. Casper 084-Fatso. Casper 093-Casper-with-frying-pan. Casper 096-Stretch,-Stnkie,-and-Fatso. Casper 126-Stretch,-Stnkie,-and-Fatso. Casper 131-Casper. Casper 135-Casper. Casper 139-Casper. Casper 141-Haunted-mansion. Casper Back.