Number in series: 16 Tags: Pencil
Info:These caps all feature a pencil doing various things. They are un-numbered, but the back design states there are 16 caps in the full set. There are two versions of the set, with a different back design, making for 32 caps in total to collect. Judging by the back design they were likely produced by the same company as Athena Caps.

One of the caps shows the pencil dressed up as Santa, holding a card that says 1996, so possibly these date from that year.

Thanks to Klaas for the scans and info.
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Country:BelgiumYear of release:Produced by:
Crea Baby-pencil-born-in-Roeselare. Crea Back-1. Crea Back-2. Crea Father-Christmas-1996-pencil. Crea Painting-pencil. Crea Pencil-delivery-driver. Crea Pencil-in-bed. Crea Pencil-in-box. Crea Pencil-in-sun-with-drink. Crea Pencil-loving-pile-of-letters. Crea Pencil-on-phone-using-computer. Crea Pencil-reading-books. Crea Pencil-reading-printout-roll. Crea Pencil-using-computer. Crea Pencil-working-on-DTP-with-bomb. Crea Rocket-pencil. Crea Sweating-pencil. Crea Weight-lifting-pencil.