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Info:Shrek caps were given away with packs of Cheetos in Russia. The pogs feature characters and scenes from the Dreamworks film Shrek.

On the back of each cap it has a short quote / description of the scene that is depicted on the front. It also gives a point score (баллов).

Thanks to Чугайнов Павел for these scans.
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Country:Russian FederationYear of release:2004Produced by:Frito-Lay
Cheetos > Shrek 05-back. Cheetos > Shrek 05-Шрек. Cheetos > Shrek 13-back. Cheetos > Shrek 13-Шрек-Осел. Cheetos > Shrek 23-Shrek-(back). Cheetos > Shrek 23-Шрек-Shrek. Cheetos > Shrek 48-back. Cheetos > Shrek 48-Шрек-Фиона.