Casper (blank back)

Number in series: Tags: Bill Pullman, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Christina Ricci, Film
Info:These Casper pogs / milkcaps were are based on the film 'Casper', which was released in 1995. The pogs feature scenes and characters from the film.

These Casper pogs all have a blank back and the Casper logo printed on the front. They are not numbered. I also have some other Casper milkcaps and some Canada Games Casper WPF milkcaps.
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Sorry, we don't currently have any data on which countries this set was available to.

Casper (blank back) 01-Casper-and-Kat-Harvey. Casper (blank back) 03. Casper (blank back) 04. Casper (blank back) 05-James-and-Kat-Harvey. Casper (blank back) 06-Stretch. Casper (blank back) 07-Kat-Harvey. Casper (blank back) 08. Casper (blank back) 09-Casper. Casper (blank back) 10-Casper-on-TV. Casper (blank back) 11-Stretch. Casper (blank back) Back. Casper (blank back) Untitled1_06.