Hoppies > 101-130 Red

Number in series: 30 Tags: Hoppies
Info:These Hoppies milkcaps were produced by Ronda Ltd, in Zürich, Switzerland. Other than the first 100 caps, the caps are in sets of 30, each set with a different coloured border round the edge of the cap. The numbering is sequential, with one set following on from the previous set, this set has a red border and is numbered on the back from 101 to 130.

Thanks to Чугайнов Павел, Silke, and scionescire for the scans of these Hoppies.
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Country:SwitzerlandYear of release:Produced by:Ronda Ltd
Hoppies > 101-130 Red 119. Hoppies > 101-130 Red 129. Hoppies > 101-130 Red 130. Hoppies > 101-130 Red Back-1-250.