Hardee's X-Men

Number in series: 6 Tags: Comics, Hardee's, Marvel, X-Men
Info:This is the complete set of six Marvel X-Men pogs, which were given away with Hardee's kid's meals in 1995. The full set was issued complete with the purchase of just one kid's meal.

The Hardee's X-Men pogs come as two sheets of unpunched card with 3 pogs on each card. On the back of each pog it gives the name of the character featured.
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Country:United StatesYear of release:1995Produced by:
Hardee's X-Men 01-Cyclops. Hardee's X-Men 02-Rogue-Vs-Avalanche. Hardee's X-Men 03-Commando. Hardee's X-Men 04-Beast-and-the-Time-Glider. Hardee's X-Men 05-Wolverine. Hardee's X-Men 06-Storm-Vs-Phantazia. Hardee's X-Men Back.