Number in series: 24 Tags: Cartoon, Doraemon, Manga
Info:These Doraemon pogs feature various characters from the Japanese manga and TV series 'Doraemon'.

Characters featured include:
Doraemon (ドラえもん) and his sister Dorami (ドラミ)
Nobita Nobi (野比-のび太) and his parents Nobisuke Nobi (野比-のび助) and Tamako Nobi (野比-玉子)
Takeshi Goda (剛田-武) and his sister Jaiko (ジャイ子)
Suneo Honekawa (骨川-スネ夫)
Shizuka Minamoto (源-静香)
Hidetoshi Dekisugi (出木杉-英才)
And various gadgets that Doraemon uses

Each pog has two sets of point scores, 分 in the bottom left corner, and 點 in the top left corner. In the top right corner the pogs have a hand representing scissors, paper or stone. In the bottom right corner they have one of the four suits from playing cards, either hearts, spades, clubs, or diamonds.

The Doraemon caps come cut but un-punched in two sheets of card together in one pack.
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Country:Taiwan, Province of ChinaYear of release:2006Produced by:京甫企業有限公司
Doraemon 01-Doraemon-(ドラえもん)-with-door. Doraemon 02-Nobita-Nobi-(野比-のび太),-Nobisuke-Nobi-(野比-のび助),-and-Tamako-Nobi-(野比-玉子). Doraemon 03-Dorami-(ドラミ). Doraemon 04-Nobisuke-Nobi-(野比-のび助). Doraemon 05-Doraemon-(ドラえもん),-Dorami-(ドラミ),-Nobita-Nobi-(野比-のび太),-Takeshi-Goda-(剛田-武),-Suneo-Honekawa-(骨川-スネ夫),-and-Shizuka-Minamoto-(源-静香). Doraemon 06-Tamako-Nobi-(野比-玉子). Doraemon 07-Jaiko-(ジャイ子). Doraemon 08-Doraemon-(ドラえもん)-Karaoke. Doraemon 09-Suneo-Honekawa-(骨川-スネ夫)-and-Takeshi-Goda-(剛田-武). Doraemon 10-Penalty-Box-(罰金箱). Doraemon 11-Phonebox-(假設電話亭). Doraemon 12-Air-gun-(空氣砲). Doraemon 13-Doraemon-(ドラえもん)-and-Nora-Neko-no-Kero-(のらネコのクロ). Doraemon 14-Nobita-Nobi-(野比-のび太). Doraemon 15-Shizuka-Minamoto-(源-静香). Doraemon 16-Dorami-(ドラミ). Doraemon 17-Doraemon-(ドラえもん)-eating-a-biscuit. Doraemon 18-Takeshi-Goda-(剛田-武)-Karaoke. Doraemon 19-Suneo-Honekawa-(骨川-スネ夫). Doraemon 20-Hidetoshi-Dekisugi-(出木杉-英才). Doraemon 21-Nobita-Nobi-(野比-のび太)-and-Shizuka-Minamoto-(源-静香). Doraemon 22-Time-machine-(時光電視). Doraemon 23-Helicopter-Hat. Doraemon 24-Memorising-toast-(記憶土司). Doraemon Back.