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Info:These pogs probably come from a variety of different sets. They have blank backs and no identifying marks / copyright information, but all feature images of skulls. Some are printed on holographic foil. Two of them have similar designs with the number 8 repeated in the background.
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Unknown > Skulls 01-Viking-marauder-skull. Unknown > Skulls 02-Skull-and-crossbones-8-background. Unknown > Skulls 03-Wolf-skull-8-background. Unknown > Skulls 04-Cyborg-skull. Unknown > Skulls 05-Skull-and-scorpion. Unknown > Skulls 06-Ninja-Spirit. Unknown > Skulls 07-Purple-flaming-skull-and-crossbones. Unknown > Skulls 08-Holo-foil-cracked-skull. Unknown > Skulls 09-Pirate-skull-and-crossbones. Unknown > Skulls 10-Bad-Guy. Unknown > Skulls 11-No-Drugs-Die-Free.