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Info:These pogs feature players from the English football club Manchester United. Each cap a photo of the player in the centre, with their name below.

The caps are not numbered, and just have the word 'SuperReds' repeated multiple times on the back.

There are two different designs - one has the background coloured half red and half white on the front, while the back has the word SuperReds printed large and in red. The other design has red, white, and black vertical stripes on the front, while on the back SuperReds is printed in small text and in alternating rows of black and red.

Possibly the half red / half white caps are from the 94-95 season, while the red, white, and black striped caps are from the 95-96 season. Since the caps are undated it is difficult to tell.

The caps' design is very similar to the Striker series, they were probably both produced by the same company.
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Country:United KingdomYear of release:Produced by:
SuperReds A-Eric-Cantona. SuperReds A-Lee-Sharpe. SuperReds A-Roy-Keane. SuperReds A-Ryan-Giggs. SuperReds A-_Back. SuperReds B-Brian-McClair. SuperReds B-Steve-Bruce. SuperReds B-_Back.