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Number in series: 10 Tags: Cartoon, Christmas, Flippo, Looney Tunes, Smiths, Warner Bros, Winter
Info:These Giga Winter Flippos are much larger than the standard size Flippos. They have a cut out area at the top that would allow you to hang them from a thin Christmas tree branch like a bauble. The images all feature Looney Tunes characters in various Christmas related scenes.

They are numbered on the back using Roman numerals, and there are three different back designs. Numbers 1-4 all feature a snowman bursting out of a present, along with the text Vrolijk Kerstfeest. Numbers 5-7 feature a snowman dancing below fireworks in the sky, with the text Fantastisch Flippojaar!. And numbers 8-10 have a skiing snowman and the text Veel Sneeuwplezier. All the Flippos have a point score on the back of 14 points.
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Country:NetherlandsYear of release:1996Produced by:Smiths
Flippos > Giga Winter 01-Bugs-Bunny. Flippos > Giga Winter 02-Foghorn-Leghorn-&-Egghead-Jr.. Flippos > Giga Winter 03-Tweety-Pie. Flippos > Giga Winter 04-Bugs-Bunny,-Daffy-Duck,-Taz,-Tweety-decorating-Christmas-tree. Flippos > Giga Winter 05-Looney-Tunes-Carol-singing. Flippos > Giga Winter 06-Bugs,-Daffy,-and-Yosemite-Sam-sleighing. Flippos > Giga Winter 07-Tweety,-Daffy,-and-Sylvester-partying. Flippos > Giga Winter 08-Tazmanian-Devil. Flippos > Giga Winter 09-Taz-and-Daffy. Flippos > Giga Winter 10-Wile-E.-Coyote-&-Road-Runner. Flippos > Giga Winter Back-1-4. Flippos > Giga Winter Back-5-7. Flippos > Giga Winter Back-8-10.