CDA Almere

Number in series: 4 Tags: Political party
Info:These pogs feature MPs from the Christian Democratic Appeal political party in the Almere region of the Netherlands. On each pog it gives the name of the person shown and their position.

The backs of the pogs are all the same, featuring the CDA logo.

Thanks to Vincent for the images.
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Country:NetherlandsYear of release:Produced by:
CDA Almere Ayad-Mossad-Raadslid-CDA-Almere. CDA Almere Back. CDA Almere Eras-Wijkhuizen-Raadslid-CDA-Almere-fractievoorzitter. CDA Almere Tineke-Fokkens-Statenlid-CDA-Flevoland. CDA Almere Wim-Faber-Raadslid-CDA-Almere.