Number in series: 10 Tags: GPT, Telecoms
Info:These pogs were produced for GPT (GEC Plessey Telecommunications) and feature images relating to their telecommunications technology. On the back of each pog it gives the name and a brief description of the feature being depicted.

Thanks to Vincent for the scans of these pogs.
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Country:United KingdomYear of release:1996Produced by:
GPT 01-Gain-(back). GPT 01-Gain. GPT 02-Play-(back). GPT 02-Play. GPT 03-Start-(back). GPT 03-Start. GPT 04-End-(back). GPT 04-End. GPT 05-Date-(back). GPT 05-Date. GPT 06-DOW-(back). GPT 06-DOW. GPT 07-TOD-(back). GPT 07-TOD. GPT 08-Route-(back). GPT 08-Route. GPT 09-Charging-(back). GPT 09-Charging. GPT 10-Variable-(back). GPT 10-Variable.