Number in series: 32 Tags: Bubble gum, Dynasty, Television, TV
Info:These Dynasty pogs were sold with packs of Dynasty bubblegum in Russian speaking countries. They were produced in October 1996 by Joli Süsswaren GmbH in Germany. It is unlikely that there were any slammers produced for this set.

It appears that quality control was not very good as a few of the pogs are not cut to line up with the print correctly.

Thanks to Vincent for the info and scans of the full set of 32 caps below.
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Country:Russian FederationYear of release:1996Produced by:Joli Süsswaren GmbH
Dynasty 01-Blake. Dynasty 02-Krystle. Dynasty 03-Fallon. Dynasty 04-Claudia. Dynasty 05-Dynasty. Dynasty 06-Adam. Dynasty 07-Steven. Dynasty 08-Kirby. Dynasty 09-Krystle. Dynasty 10-Alexis. Dynasty 11-Alexis. Dynasty 12-Alexis. Dynasty 13-Blake. Dynasty 14-Dynasty. Dynasty 15-Dynasty. Dynasty 16-Dynasty. Dynasty 17-Krystle. Dynasty 18-Dynasty. Dynasty 19-Dynasty. Dynasty 20-Dynasty. Dynasty 21-Dynasty. Dynasty 22-Dyansty. Dynasty 23-Dynasty. Dynasty 24-Dynasty. Dynasty 25-Dynasty. Dynasty 26-Dynasty. Dynasty 27-Dynasty. Dynasty 28-Dynasty. Dynasty 29-Dynasty. Dynasty 30-Dynasty. Dynasty 31-Dynasty. Dynasty 32-Dynasty. Dynasty Back.