Number in series: 60 Tags: King Features, Popeye
Info:These pogs feature characters from the King Features Syndicate comic strips 'Popeye'. As well as Olive Oyl and Popeye, the caps also depict characters such as Ham Gravy and Poopdeck Pappy.

The caps are numbered on the front, and have blank backs. There are 60 in the series in total to collect. Thanks to Klaas for the majority of scans below.
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Country:United StatesYear of release:1995Produced by:
Popeye 01-Popeye. Popeye 02-Olive-Oyl. Popeye 03-Brutus. Popeye 04-Wimpy. Popeye 05-Swee'-Pea. Popeye 06-Eugene. Popeye 07-Castor-Oyl. Popeye 08-Nana-Oyl. Popeye 09-Cole-Oyl. Popeye 10-Ham-Gravy. Popeye 11-Bernice. Popeye 12-O.G.-Watasnozzle. Popeye 13-Oscar. Popeye 16-Sea-Hag. Popeye 17-Bernard. Popeye 18-Toar. Popeye 19-Rough-House. Popeye 20-The-Nephews. Popeye 21-King-Blozo. Popeye 22-George-W.-Geezil. Popeye 23-Granny. Popeye 24-Dufus. Popeye 25-Spinach. Popeye 26-Popeye. Popeye 27-Popeye. Popeye 28-Popeye-skateboarding. Popeye 29-Poopdeck-Pappy. Popeye 30-Popeye. Popeye 31-Popeye-and-Olive. Popeye 32-Swee'-Pea-&-Eugene. Popeye 33-Bluto. Popeye 35-Popeye. Popeye 37-Pirates. Popeye 38-Popeye. Popeye 39-Popeye. Popeye 40-Popeye. Popeye 41-Popeye. Popeye 42-Popeye-&-Olive-Oyl. Popeye 43-Popeye-&-Olive-Oyl. Popeye 44-Popeye-&-Olive-Oyl. Popeye 45-Olive-Oyl. Popeye 46-Olive-Oyl. Popeye 47-Olive-Oyl. Popeye 48-Olive-Oyl. Popeye 49-Olive-Oyl. Popeye 50-Bluto-carrying-Olive-Oyl. Popeye 51-Popeye. Popeye 53-Popeye-laughing. Popeye 54-Popeye-confused. Popeye 55-Bluto. Popeye 56-Bluto. Popeye 57-Bluto. Popeye 58-Bluto-running. Popeye 59-Bluto-dazed. Popeye 60-Popeye-Rock-of-Gibraltar. Popeye Back.