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Info:These caps feature characters and scenes from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. On the front they are numbered and have the name of the character or short description of the scene being depicted.

On the back they have some more text, presumably a longer description of the image shown on the front of the pog. This text overlays the Japanese logo for Yu-Gi-Oh! The rest of the writing appears to be traditional Chinese, so it is likely these caps are from Taiwan.

Thanks to Klaas for the images.
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Country:Taiwan, Province of ChinaYear of release:Produced by:
Yu-Gi-Oh! 21P-通注財寶的隱秘通路-(back). Yu-Gi-Oh! 21P-通注財寶的隱秘通路. Yu-Gi-Oh! 29P-巨型的龍龙-(back). Yu-Gi-Oh! 29P-巨型的龍龙. Yu-Gi-Oh! 30P-解除-合-(back). Yu-Gi-Oh! 30P-解除-合. Yu-Gi-Oh! 36P-傳奇惡魔-(back). Yu-Gi-Oh! 36P-傳奇惡魔. Yu-Gi-Oh! 39P-濕度星人-(back). Yu-Gi-Oh! 39P-濕度星人. Yu-Gi-Oh! 48P-白色的海豚-(back). Yu-Gi-Oh! 48P-白色的海豚. Yu-Gi-Oh! 50P-妖精王歐貝羅-(back). Yu-Gi-Oh! 50P-妖精王歐貝羅. Yu-Gi-Oh! 55P-圣甲虫群-(back). Yu-Gi-Oh! 55P-圣甲虫群. Yu-Gi-Oh! 70P-凱撤·海馬-(back). Yu-Gi-Oh! 70P-凱撤·海馬.