The Mask

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Info:These pogs feature scenes and characters from the 1994 film "The Mask". The caps were probably given away at Edwards Cinemas, mostly located in California, USA.

On the back of each pog it has the Mask logo, the Edwards Cinemas logo, and a logo for TABB investments Sports Card, Comics, & Milkcap Shows. At the bottom it says "Milk Caps and Trading Card Productions (714) 854-1991". The caps are unnumbered.
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Country:United StatesYear of release:1994Produced by:
The Mask 01-Stanley-Ipkiss. The Mask 02. The Mask 03-The-Mask. The Mask 04-The-Mask. The Mask 05-The-Mask. The Mask 06-Stanley-Ipkiss-and-Milo. The Mask 07-The-Mask. The Mask 08-The-Mask. The Mask 09-The-Mask. The Mask 10-The-Mask. The Mask Back.