Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Where can I buy or sell pogs?

    The best place for buying and selling pogs is definitely eBay. There are lots of pogs listed on there all time, particularly on the eBay US site.

    Other places where you can buy or sell pogs (but to a much lesser extent than eBay) are craigslist and Amazon.

  • How much are my pogs worth?

    Valuing pogs is very tricky, the only way you can gauge the value is by looking at what other people have paid for the same or similar pogs in the past. The best way of doing this is via an eBay completed listings search.

    On eBay just click to do an advanced search, then in the search options check the box to search completed listings.

    Ebay Advanced Search with Completed Listings ticked

    This will let you see what previous listings have sold for, and also what they haven't sold for. This can give you an idea of how much your pogs may be worth.

    As a general rule pogs aren't worth very much, and you can quite often find sets sold for around $2-$5. This is one of the good points about collecting pogs - it doesn't have to be expensive!

  • Where can I get some custom pogs made?

    Pogs are just sheets of card printed with designs and then punched into circles. Many printing companies can offer this service.

    If you're looking for custom pogs, just contact some local printers to get some quotes.

    Alternatively, you can try or, who offer custom milkcap production. (Please note this is not a recommendation for these businesses and I have not personally used their services).

  • I'm not sure. The last company that I'm aware of that used the POG branding was Funrise toys, back in 2006. You could try contacting them to see if they own the rights and are willing to sell or license them.