Pokémon (Pokeball & LP back)

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Info:These pogs from Taiwan feature different Pokémon from the popular franchise. On the front of each cap they also have a paper / scissors / stone symbol to the left. At the bottom of each cap it gives a power (點) score and the Pokémon's name. Underneath that it has some dice symbols.

On the back of each cap it has a large image of a pokéball. Above this it has an LP score, and a number of stars from 1-5. At the bottom it says Pocket Monsters in Japanese (ポケットモンスター).
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Country:Taiwan, Province of ChinaYear of release:Produced by:
Pokémon (Pokeball & LP back) 004-Charmander-火恐龍. Pokémon (Pokeball & LP back) 082-Magneton-三合磁怪. Pokémon (Pokeball & LP back) Back-Blue. Pokémon (Pokeball & LP back) Back-Gold.