Кот в сапогах

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Info:These pogs feature characters from the computer animated film 'Puss in Boots' ('кот в сапогах' in Russian). On the back of each pog it gives the number in the series and a point score. The points seem to be in multiples of 5, and are not related to the cap's position in the series. (With many series that give a point score, the later in the series a cap is, the greater the score).

Thanks to Pavel for these images.
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Кот в сапогах 05-Humpty-Dumpty-25-points. Кот в сапогах 06-Puss-in-boots-30-points. Кот в сапогах 08-Kitty-Softpaws-40-points. Кот в сапогах 09-Jack-45-points. Кот в сапогах 13-Puss-in-boots-15-points. Кот в сапогах 14-Puss-in-boots-&-Kitty-Softpaws-20-points. Кот в сапогах 15-Humpty-Dumpty-25-points. Кот в сапогах 17-Puss-in-boots-35-points. Кот в сапогах 24-Puss-in-boots-20-points. Кот в сапогах 29-Puss-in-boots-45-points. Кот в сапогах 31-Puss-in-boots-5-points. Кот в сапогах 35-Puss-in-boots-&-Kitty-Softpaws-25-points. Кот в сапогах 40-Jill-&-Jack-50-points. Кот в сапогах Back.