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Info:Сотка caps feature a range of different subjects such as cats, sports cars, helicopters, motorcycles, and fighter jets.

The backs have a range of different colours, which does not appear to be related to the numbering of the caps. The majority have a point (очко) score of 1, and are labelled as 'Sotka Color', these are the red, blue, and green coloured backs. The other two colours are gold (10 points) and silver (5 points).

Thanks to Pavel Chugaynov for these scans. You can see more scans of this set on the wrappers.ru website: Сотка.
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Sorry, we don't currently have any data on which countries this set was available to.

Сотка 029-Cat. Сотка 032-Cat. Сотка 067-Sports-car. Сотка 132-Helicopter. Сотка 137-Helicopter. Сотка 177-Motorcycle-Racer. Сотка 199-Big-rig. Сотка 208-Big-Rig. Сотка 223-Jet-Fighter. Сотка 224-Jet-Fighter. Сотка 228-Jet-Fighter. Сотка 261-Bi-plane. Сотка 273-Harley-Davidson-Motor-Cycles. Сотка 280-Harley-Davidson-Motor-Cycles. Сотка Back-Color-blue. Сотка Back-Color-green. Сотка Back-Color-red. Сотка Back-Gold. Сотка Back-Silver.